Lynne Shelton is a Certified Franchise Executive, an executive, franchise and business law guru, which is so hard to find.

With extensive experience in product and personnel strategies, human resources, budget planning, forecasting, staff development, public speaking, project management and training instruction, Lynne Shelton is an attorney uniquely suited to assist with all of your franchise and business law needs.

Why should I franchise with you?

  • Past & Present Franchisor Experience

    Unparalleled in the Industry. She built her past franchise system up to 783 units in the Medical and Dental Industry before deciding to become an attorney as her second career. While in law school, the industry beckoned her back into its fold. Since starting the Shelton Law & Associates Franchise Law Firm, Ms. Shelton has chosen to partner with 3 other up and coming Franchise Systems in the Quick Serve Breakfast Industry, a Residential and Corporate Service Provider and a Community Newspaper Franchise system. She also is a supporter of her husbands business as a Franchisee of a large international brand. Read more about Lynne's background.

  • Payment Plan Available & Encouraged for Franchising your Business

    An unheard of option in the legal industry. Most franchise law firms want their money up front. However, we are not a document mill; we desire a long term business relationship. Therefore, we encourage our clients to utilize the payment plan so they can utilize their cash flow for ramp up and marketing budget. Read more about payment plans.

  • Fixed Fee

    Never worry again about the “billable hour racking up on you” and whether you can afford to contact your attorney or ponder whether you can write a “good-enough” agreement, instead with Sheltonpower & Associates all your normal and best practices legal services are included in a low fixed retainer fee. Includes all communications, research, Federal Disclosure Document drafting, updating, amendments, State renewals, Trademark protection package, Trademark Office Actions and updates, Franchise and Area Development Agreements, Real Estate Agreements and reviews, Notices of Defaults, Mediations, etc. Take a look at our fee agreement.

  • Successful Business Owner and Consultant

    As a successful business owner and then as a rapid growth franchise owner pioneer, Ms. Shelton feels very comfortable sharing her growth strategies with her clients, for their consideration. As part of a planning stage included in the low fixed fees costs of the Franchise Fee with Shelton Law & Associates, the clients receive 2-3 days of one-on-one consultations at their location. The focus is on getting to know the business inside and out, and planning best practice system around their already successful business. Afterwards the client begins an online consultation with a third-party representative for the new franchise systems online brand portal for lead and marketing tracking and best practices awareness training paid for by Shelton Law & Associates. To get started, contact Lynne today!